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Number System

  1. Real Number Line Visualization tool for Real Numbers on a Number Line.
  2. Converting decimal numbers into fractions : This tool can be used to demonstrate the process of conversion decimal numbers into rational [math]\displaystyle{ p/q }[/math] form
  3. Plotting Irrational Numbers on a Number Line : Learn how to represent square root of any number on the number line.


  1. Basic Trigonometric Ratio A geogebra tool to help students understand how trigonometric ratios are defined using a unit circle concept.
  2. T-Ratio Learning Game : Use this Quiz format game to learn T-ratios of standard angles



  1. Quadratic Polynomials : A GeoGebra tool to understand the behavior of a quadratic polynomial [math]\displaystyle{ y = ax^2+bx+c }[/math]

Linear Equations in Two Variables

  1. Linear Equation in Two Variables : A GeoGebra tool to understand the graphical representation of linear equations in two variables. The user can change the values of the coefficients and observe the behavior of the graph. The tool also describes the x and the y intercepts.
  2. Consistency of a Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables : Graphical verification of the three consistency criteria

Sequences and Series

Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences : How is music linked to integer sequences. Try getting a musical manifestation of sequences you make and for other integer sequences like the famous Fibonacci Sequence.

Vector Algebra

Triangle Law of Vector Addition : Visual demonstration of the Triangle Law of Vector Addition



Distance and Displacement : A simulation to highlight the difference between distance and displacement.


Friction on an inclined plane : How does coefficient of static friction determines the angle at which a block would slip on an inclined plane

Sound and Waves

Tone Generator : For explaining frequency, amplitude, quality of wave form. Two such generators could be used with slightly different frequencies to explain the phenomenon of Beats.

Mechanical Properties of Matter

Hooke's Law : A simulator to understand the elasticity of a spring.